Wednesday, September 13, 2017



The summer combo
Summer'17 has been full of events , celebrations, concerts , parties but carpe diem has got its spot on the top events of summer .

The event was organized by taiwo George and his team white pineapple. The event held on Sunday the 13th of August at freedom park marina lagos . The event had to do with lots of art exhibitions by andikan , jekein , Isabella agbaje, Thompson s ekong , Victoria King and others , Carpie diem also had lots of musical line ups such as : lady donli, wavy the creator, fefe fab, idris king , sute iwar, straffitti , famous bobson, timix , nakie , Bella , jazz atta and so much more .

 And to top it all up we had spicy BBQ, ribs ,chicken and loads of food sold by wonderful vendors. Like the name carpie diem was a very classy event brought to you by   whitepineapple .
Jermaine media we are the voice of the the youth , we are the voice of Lagos , we are everywhere in Lagos  Nigeria and we were live at carpe diem to capture moments from this events .
View pictures below:

                                                                      THANKS .

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