Tuesday, September 12, 2017


The team and I,finally,arrived at the Eko Miami venue after quite a lot of twists and turns in the process of finding the route,plus the rigor of getting to the entrance with all of the honey brown, grainy,sand that graced the entire perimeter from where the car pulled up to the gate of the entrance...

  As we got our passes in,I was a lot calmer because this was Eko Miami,it was beautiful,and it was worth it...twists,turns and rigor included.
The party was taking a mild progression as people were still getting acquianted,giving small smiles across the balcony,pretending not to stare and basically doing what we Nigerians know how to do best at the infancy stage of any party.
  At about 6pm,things had started to heat up a lot more,there was a fluid flow of drinks;punch and slush,spicy pasta or as we call it-spag-,as well as little finger foods...and of course!the music was the best of the best as we had all the BAM! DJs on the block taking turns to turn up the tempo as the night graduated in fiery excitement.

   Asides the minor black out,which I'll rather describe as a blessing in disguise as it gave people the time they needed to  take a breath from all the spent energy and refire up,because the light brought with it a fresh new wave of excitement,craziness and Miami vibe on a whole other level.Moreso,the departure of people who were tired out seemed to bring an influx of more energetic souls who were ready to "turn up all night all the way to sun goes up" as Maleek berry,in his husky voice  encouraged in his "eko miami" jam that kept playing at intervals all through the night.
   All of this carried on steadily up until about 6 in the morning when,to my utmost surprise the energy was still a mad vibe...
   Thus,it is safe to say that if you were missing at Tilt Production Studios,1509 Peach Tree Road Ajanaku Estate After Lekki Gardens Horizon 2,on the 24th day of the month of June 2017,then you played yourself!
  Take it from me,I would know!

 Oginika Obioha,

Administrator and Presenter,
Jermaine Media.

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