Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Super play pool party

The event is usually held every last Sunday of the month, like Tyra top radio 90.9fm the host of this event explained to us , she said "

the event is aimed at putting smile's on the faces of people every end of the month, it's a place you come to have fun , meet people and relax" .
 The September edition was given the theme

"Gold edition " and the dress code for the event was a touch of gold .The event was located at De renaissance hotel opposite ikeja city mall on the 24 of September 2017 , by 2pm.
The event was hosted by king Tyra top radio 90.9fm and stevenator, music publicly by dj cypha and was proudly sponsored by sky vodka .

Proudly supported by planet tv , Jermaine media etc .
Be sure to turn up for next next months edition.
view more pictures :

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