Saturday, October 28, 2017


Bungalow Restaurant was the place I definitely had to be representing Jermaine Media at noon on the 25th of October 2017 because the Smirnoff Nigeria press conference was held and best believe that it was not your regular press conference!
Talk about Litttt!!!

  Illrymz was on the floor as the host in all of his lightskin glory badman aura and mild jokes,and of course in attendance were Dj Spinall,Illbliss,the Smirnoff Nigeria Family as well as a very good number of Media and Broadcasting houses like Punch,goldmyne tv,kraks tv and many more.
   The conference was  more or less Smirnoff Nigeria's creative way of bringing all the media houses who they would like to partner with for their smirnoff X1 tour,which happens to be a tour around 7 cities in  Nigeria,-wisely focusing on the geopolitical zones in Nigeria to choose the cities-,with Smirnoff doing what they know how to do best:bringing people together for the purpose of having fun and taking a time out to relax and drink responsibly.

    Without Further Ado though,I announce to you all with the  greatest pleasure and excitement that we were one of the Media and Broadcasting houses who won the privilege to work with Dj Spinall as well as the other artists he will be featuring during  the tour in Lagos!

On that note,we would like to congratulate other houses like @punchnewspapers,@channelstelevision,@ynaija,@kemifilaniblog,@krakstv and @goldmynetv for winning the opportunity to work with Dj Spinal in one of the other cities which included Ibadan,Abuja,Jos and Imo, Lagos.
  It was Smirnoff Nigeria press conference after all,so needless to say  the food and drinks were all topnotch,we can always trust them to drop it like it's hot,which got me thinking "If the press conference is this lit,then what is going to go down at the actual party!?!?!?"...this is me giving you some sort of inside information and letting you know that with Smirnoff Nigeria,there is never a dull moment.However,you can hear it first hand in the interview I had with DJ Spinall himself(check below).
Thus,if you miss the party,do NOT say that you were not told!
  You can catch us in partnership with Dj Spinall and the Smirnoff Nigeria family during the Lagos chapter of the tour,so do not miss it!
We are Jermaine Media,we always deliver!

Ginika Obioha,
Presenter and Administrator,
Jermaine Media.

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