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Catch up with Jermaine media (2nd edition)


Catch up with Jermaine media
Featuring soma bbn (2017)
Everyone has been talking about big brother 2018 (double wahala) , its like the most talked about show on tv  right now, so what better person to have on our second edition of the “catch up with Jermaine media”, we interviewed a former and very popular house mate Soma from bbn 2017, just to know how life is for them when they are in the house and out of the big brother house

Introduce yourself –
My name is Somadina Anyama popularly known as Soma. I’m a singer, actor, model, music producer, I do it all.

What is your act about and when did you start acting –
 I started acting professionally in 2017, I had my first role in the movie ‘Mentally.’ Before professionally I dabbled in extracurricular dramas in school and church and such.

Describe your experience in the big brother house and when you came out –
so, for the two weeks I was in the house, it was one of the best times I’ve had in my life. It was quite interesting because of the different personalities. It was fun, it brought out a part of me I didn’t know I had mainly discovered more of my emotions. When I came out i was really disappointed in myself, and felt like I let down my friends and family. But it turned out to be totally different that I thought. Two weeks after I came out I became PayPorte fashion ambassador, and I became a “thing.” The response of the public was overwhelming, I felt well received considering I didn’t last long. Felt good knowing I left such an impression on the people, in my short stay.

What’s your inspiration and who inspires you –
 Success of all sorts inspires me, it drives me. It’s my motivation to succeed in everything I touch and put my mind to. I’d say my biggest inspiration is everyone around me - I don’t particularly look at any one person and feel “inspired.”

If you weren’t an actor, what would you be up to right now –
I would still be pursuing my music, which I was doing before and will continue to do. It’s my first love.

What do you do in your spare time and what are your hobbies –
 I sleep, I eat, I make music. Hmmm, hobbies…I’m really into graphic arts and photo editing, which I don’t think many people know about me. But I’m quite artistic.

When did you first realize you could act –
when I lied to my first girlfriend and got away with it, haha.

Do you get nervous before a performance as a musician and actor –
Umm, yea, I do. Sometimes. Depending on my familiarity with my audience. As far as acting, not at all, I love stepping into the shoes of another character.

What’s your biggest fear –
fear. Cliche, but it’s the truth. Lizards… i hate those things.

Are you single –
Depending on who’s asking. haha. Yes, I am

what the weirdest thing a fan has done to you –
 Groped me as I was performing. So I was performing at a club, it was really packed, next thing - I’m feeling her hands on my…man parts. Of course I stopped it immediately, and she continued to come back. That was quite interesting.

What are your observations about acting and film making in Nigeria –
well, it’s better than it was 10 years ago. We’re not perfect but our standards are getting higher. I wish they paid the actors more tho.

Who are your favorite actors and musicians –
 Actors, Funke Akindle, of course. Kevin Hart. Arnold Schwarzenegger  - I know he’s old but I still like the dude. I don’t know there’s so many. As far as musicians - Wiz, chris brown, TyDollar$, Styl-plus, Niniola.

What’s your favorite quote –
“A tall man cannot hide in a market place” - my father. It means no matter what you do, if you’re big, you’re big.

Do you think BBN had any impact on your life –
Of course, come on, you wouldn’t be asking me these questions if it hadn’t haha. It had a huge impact.

What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous –
 Hmm, I would say always make the most of your opportunities. If it’s your first time on stage/set/studio - remember this is the only time you will ever have that very moment, be fully present.
                                                                  THANKS FOR READING!

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