Sunday, March 10, 2019

catch up with jermaine media issue 3

1) Introduce yourself 
Z:Hmm… Where do I start? My name is ZIZI and in the simplest term I am a Dance Artist and owner of International Dance Company, Zinarts Agency Ltd. 

2) what is your act about and when did you start dancing 
Z:I started off as a dancer popularly known as the blonde, energy fire cracker in the dance trio ‘CEO Dancers from Britain’s Got Talent’ in 2013, however I started dancing at the age of 11 in school talents shows and dance competitions. 

3) Describe your relationship with Tiwa savage and Davido

Z:‘it’s funny because I started like most people as adie-hard fan of bothTiwa doesn’t know this but I nearly leaped out of my skin when I got the call to create a piece for her. When we did meet, it was a match made in heaven. We kept a distant working relationship and fast forward a few years later, I became her Creative Director. Outside of the studio, Tiwa is really anutcase and I love her. 
Fun Fact! I used to Dance for Davido. He is myfavourite person to work with, so sincere, so hardworking and so free spirited. I call him my ‘Hard Hitter’. 

4) what's your inspiration and who inspires you 
Z:Really depends! There is no one right way to be inspired. So, here are top 5 inspirations:
• Empowering others
• Being the change, I would like to see!
• Being exposed to New culture
• Family, Friends and Foes 
• Let’s be honest, I am inspired NOT to be broke!!
I am inspired by my entire family, they truly encourage and support my work.  My supporters that have been riding with me for years, I didn’t start performing yesterday so it is awesome to know people are still loving my work and growthFinally, I am inspired by the creatives that 
work within my agency, they are all so different and teach me new things every day.

5) if you weren't a dancer ,what would you be up to right now.

Z:An accountant with multi-coloured hair.

6) what do you do in your spear time and what are your hobbies 
Z:Depends on the country that I am working in, but Cocktails and Netflix is consistent. 

7) when did you first realize that you could dance.
Z:I knew I had rhythm at 3 Years old, but I choreographed my first piece 
when I was 10 in primary school for the end of year event where the teachers and students do a group performance.

8) Do you get nervous before a performance as an actor and what’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you while dancing 
Z:I am always nervous…… it helps me perform better. The worst thing to ever happen while performing…. Hmm, I have too major ones, first being my top zipper breaking while dancing back up for Stefflon Don at the o2 Arena. I somehow managed to finish the performance with one hand covering my boobs. My second would be, nearly falling from the riser during the BGT live performance. I am not sure if people notice but it’s all on camera…lol.

9) where do you see yourself in 5 years
Z:Touring the World!

10) Are you single 
Z:No. Engaged; Special shout out to the love of my life PAPACHIPS! 

11) what's the weirdest thing a fan has done to you 
Z:Sent Me Nudes. *covers face*

12what are your observations about the choreography industry in Nigeria ?
Z:Time to spill some tea…. lol, it’s Growing! Like most things in Nigeria, it needs work and requires regulation to protect the dancers and choreographers

14) what's your favorite quote 
Z:‘Be the Change You Like to See’

15) Do you think dancing has had any impact in your life 
Z:100% I wish I started professionally earlier. Only God knows where I would have been by now. I have no regrets and I know I am on my purpose path.

16)what advice would you give to beginners who are nervous.
Z:Just Do it!

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