Friday, April 19, 2019


 Kicked off the jermaine media university with landmark university.
 MAFF is an annual festival that was founded in 2016. Ever since then, many cultures have been given a platform for expression. This year, due to excessive preparation and publicity, the MAFF was a huge hit all over Nigeria as several celebrities, comedians, artist, even prestigious fashioners all gathered to celebrate one thing, TheUrban Culture.

Prior to the festival which commenced on Saturday 12th April 2019, A pop up culture fair held the day before, showcasing various African dishes, arts, rap battles and many more. The guests and students were fully receptive ad participated joyously Art by Bello all the way from Lagos city took us on a journey of artistic display when he created a life art. We all witnessed the whole process of the art from the construction of the wood to the main painting on a back drop that glows in the dark which wowed everyone. With zero uncertainty, the pop culture concluded with the fact that the main event.

The event kickstarted with a red carpet where many students and guests displayed various different attires and ideas.They gave their hopes, expectations and impressions of the event. The creative director of MAFF 2019Dafe Jemedafe said“it has been a couple of sleepless nights and lots of hard work but I thank God because everything is going well and the amazing team members I’ve had to work with who have sacrificed to make this event a huge success”. Indeed the event was a huge success as Muyiwa from Beth modeling management, which is the most prestigious modeling agency in Africa, had this to say on the red carpet. “I did not expect the warm reception I received from the whole school and the whole event organization was something else, I mean the designs I saw this evening blew my mind and I was very impressed, I see MAFF in the next five years blowing up globally”. As the whole event was centered on music, arts and fashion, numerous designers showcased their styles on the runway. Designers ranging from students of landmark University like Xela cartel and others graced us with not only fashion but also passed moral lessons along with it. Other performances such as comedy skits from the well known comedian Egwede Daniel and others were welcomed with thrilled heartsSeveral awards of excellence were given out to well-deserved individuals and music arts like Kadens got the audience grooving with African up-beat tunes.The event was not just for recreation and fun as The Beth Modelling Agency did not only grace the event but also trained the models in a two day intensive class after which nine models got scouted.

It is with no doubt that MAFF 2020 would stretch to larger boarders in Africaarticulating more and more ethnicity in our day to day activities. It will forever be a platform where Africa can comfortably open all her hidden parts for proper admiration, where people from different backgrounds can peacefully unite, where young people will be opportune to develop and better themselves while carving out a niche for themselves and their future.

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 Kicked off the jermaine media university with landmark university.  MAFF is an annual festival that  was founded  in 2016....